POS monitoring is the integration of a POS system and a surveillance system. It is used by 76% of retail companies to reduce internal shrink.
When you integrate POS Solutions and Surveillance you gain an invaluable data source. You can also verify that employees stick to safety policies and company guidelines, using recorded video. POS monitoring can help you take the guesswork out of loss prevention by recognizing the metrics that contribute to fraud. With our solutions you will be able to:
  • Reduce shrink by using data analysis to detect undesirable trends in key performance indicators associated with individual employees or stores.
  • Automate loss prevention analysis to better identify operational deficiencies and correct problems before they affect profitability.
  • Create awareness of loss prevention system capabilities to improve employee performance and increase efficiency.
  • Decrease the time spent investigating losses by integrating your POS analytics and video security into one efficient forensic tool.
Contact us and learn more about our POS Solution. We can help your business reduce up to 90% annual losses due to employee theft.

Surveillance Benefits