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IT is a small word but with a significant meaning, especially for business. Even non-tech businesses need IT. Your IT and IT personnel is so essential for your business that today, US President declares all IT workers as essential, therefore no-stay home for the IT staff due to the COV-19.

The word IT (Information Technology) refers to the use of computers to store, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data. When we refer to IT, we can refer to an information system, communications system, or, more precisely speaking, a computer system– including all hardware, software, and peripheral – operated by a limited group of users.

If you plan to augment your IT to improve your business, make sure you make your due diligence and at least seek counseling. Here are a few recommendations that we consider fundamental:

  1. Align your business strategy with IT
  2. Embrace change and be open to starting again
  3. Consider Backup & Disaster Recovery
  4. Allow time for testing
  5. Include Training

For example, if your goal is to be in constant communication with your staff and clients, you should consider implementing a high tech phone system. If you are considering a cloud phone system, so your call center work-from-home without any need of heavy equipment, then a Cloud Phone System Twillio, Nextiva or Cisco, witch position at the top of the list as reliable and stable. As a backup strategy, consider using both carriers for your phone lines. For testing and training, verify the communication channels and additional resources required.

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